1. From the research into the colour grading of World War films, I decided to change the colours of some test shots I took of the pillbox on the beach to get it looking more like the stereotypical beach scenes in war films, with this video is the result of my work. To make the shots look more washed out I desaturated the shots a bit to take some of the brighter colours from the green grass and the sand, this made the location look more grey and gloomy, therefore fitting in negative feelings that Claire has being in this location. To emphases this feeling of sadness I added a blue hue to the scenes as well to wash out the other colours a bit more, and to fit in with the stereotypical blue colours used in “Saving Private Ryan’s” beach scenes.

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  2. As the pillbox location has the look of the stereotypical fighting on the beach scene from war films such as “Saving Private Ryan”  I have decided to colour grade these scenes to match the esthetics of of these types of films to fit in with the World War 2 theme in my film.

    The colour’s used in “Saving Private Ryan” are kept dull, with grey, and muddy blues and greens which keeps the tone of the film very somber and not glamorizing war, which keeps realism within the scenes as it emphasizes the hardships faced in battle. but also fits in with the camouflage of the soldiers making it harder for the audience to see the hiding enemy on the beach.

    Therefore I have decided to colour grade my film with grey-blues and de-saturate the shots slightly keeping the background colours of the beach fitting in with the stereotypes of war films, but also links in with the loneliness and boredom that Claire faces while looking after her Gran, setting the tone as slightly down beat and sad. 

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  3. Change of Location

    On tuesday me, and Vicki and Emma from my production group went to my location on the Norfolk coast to take some test shots for lighting, sound and camera angles. Whilst looking around the beach location, my production group suggested that the pillbox on the beach would be more cinematographic than the gun battery for the scenes when they first meet. I originally in the first stages of the production thought about using the pillbox however because of costal erosion I did not want to risk losing the location, or it changing and not fitting in with the storyline. However even though it has moved closer to the sea it fits in more with the esthetics of my film, making the location a better choice. By asking other member of my year in a group crit about the locations it confirmed the fact that this location of the pillbox would be much better than the original.

    The pillbox fits in better with the World War 2 theme of the film as with the background sea defenses that have fallen down the location looks more like a beach landing scene from films such as “Saving Private Ryan” and “Atonement,” as the defenses take on the look and feel of the barbed wire and metal used on the beaches to stop enemy troops getting through to the land. This change in location has not resulted in much change to the script of camera shots as the information that Michael has about the gun battery can fit in with the pillbox because they have the same history. Because of the shape of the pillbox there is also more camera angles that I can use that makes use of the surrounding location to really give a lonely feeling to the film.  

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  4. Producers Panel

    On Monday we had our second producers panel, focusing on the organization of the film shoots for our production through call sheets, shot lists and our group production schedule. Prior to this, as a group we had a meeting to discuss and bring together all our pre-production notes, such as dates and roles of crew members so that when we met with the panel we had a clear idea of what each other were doing. 

    With the dates of 24th and 26th Jan, and 2nd and 15th Feb set around the actors commitments and the other shoots from my group I was able to get on with scheduling the scenes of my film. Because of the actors only having certain times free I have had to schedule scenes in morning and evenings which means that time at the location will be tight, therefore I have scheduled scenes in a way that makes the most of the time we have. For example scenes 1, 4, 5 and 6 are together on the 24th Jan as these are all in the same village location and take place on days 1 and 2 in the script. This shortens down the set up time of the shots as there will only be one wardrobe change for the change of day, and reduces the traveling time by keeping shots of the same location grouped together.  

    The panel looked at all of these aspects of our shooting schedule and gave up points on how we could improve our schedules to make the most of the time we have on location. Overall the panel thought that grouping together similar scenes was a good use of time, however as with most of the group they suggested that I might be too ambitious with the amount of shots I was trying to fit into one day of shooting. From this I decided to make more use of 15th Feb in my schedule, by making a lot of the extra filler shots done on that day along with the pick ups. Also from this, I have decided to set up the scenes inside the house before the time of the shoot as the owner does not mind. This means that when the actors arrive, the whole time of the shoot will be spent filming rather than setting up.  

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